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Donne alla frontier – Italian title
Sette donne per una strage – Italian title
Frauen, die durch die Hölle gehen – Austrian title
Las siete magníficas – Spanish title
De overlevende – Danish title
Le triomphe des sept desperadas – French title
Die durch die Hölle gehen – German title
I sfagi kratise epta meres – Greek title
Seven Vengeful Women – English title
The Tall Women – U.S.A. title
A 1966 Italian, Austrian, Spanish, Liechtenstein co-production [Danny Films (Rome), Danubia Film (Vienna), L.M.Film (Madrid), Euro Film (Vaduz)]
Producer: Zeljko Kunkera, Sidney W. Pink
Director: Sidney W. Pink, Cehett Grooper (Rudolf Zehetgruber)
Story: Mike Ashley (Mino Roli)
Screenplay: Mike Ashley (Mino Roli), Jim Heneghan, Werner Hauff, Sidney Pink
Cinematography: Marcello Gatti, Alvaro Lanzoni [Eastmancolor, Technicope]
Music: Gregory G. Segura (Gregorio García Segura), Carlo Savina, Gerhard Froboeß
Running time: 104 minutes
Mary Ann – Anne Baxter
Usrula – Maria Perschy (Herta-Maria Perschy)
Gus McIntosh – Gustavo Rojo (Gustavo Pinto)
Katy Grimaldi – Adriana Ambessi
Betty Grimaldi – Rosella Como
Bridget – Christa Linder (Crista Linder)
Popé – Luis Prendes (Luis Estrada)
Blanche – Mara Cruz (María González)
Pilar – Pearl Cristal (Perla Lijtik)
Dorothy – María Mahor (María Horcajada)
Colonel Howard – John Clark
White Cloud – Fernando Hilbeck (Fernando Gavalda)
White Cloud’s squaw – Alejandra Nilo
With: Valentino Macchi, George Rigaud (Pedro Delissetche), Dorit Dom, Renate Lanz, Franco Mariotti, Mila Stanic, Reginald Gillian, J.L. Bayonas (José Luis Bayonas), Ben Tatar, Howard Hagan, Catherine Elliott, Carl Rapp

Seven courageous women endeavor to survive alone in the Western wilderness after their traveling party is massacred by Indians in this western. During the attack, the women find a cave and plot their continued survival. The leader decides to keep going towards Fort Lafayette. It will be difficult as they must cross the Arizona desert without horses, guns, or food. Meanwhile a posse sets out to find the missing women. They and their leader find the ladies, but unfortunately, the renegade Indians attack. The posse leader conceals the women in a burial ground while he and his men fight back. All of the men but the leader are slain. He joins the women and they resume their arduous journey. The Indian marauder is planning a final attack when the tribal leader intervenes. He has watched the courageous women and admires their fortitude. The chief decides to protect them on their journey to safety. ~ Sandra Brennan
YouTube film clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH-ayzD8Q0U

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