Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunset - When a Man Dies

tramonto – Italian title
Sunset – When a Man Dies - English title
A 2012 Italian production [Terra Lontana (Rome)]
Producer: Roberto Urbani
Director: Roberto Urbani
Story: Roberto Urbani
Screenplay: Roberto Urbani
Cinematography: Dario di Mella [color]
Music: Giovanni Piccardi
Running time: 12 minutes
Daniel – Carlo Capriolli
Kid – Jacopo Losani
Young Daniel – Giacomo Nasta
Father – Pino Quartullo
Mother - Veruska Rossi
Man - Riccardo Scarafoni

It’s the Wild West. A man is crossing the desert and becoming more and more desperate. He is barely able to walk, as he is very dehydrated. When, across the barren land, he sees a flower and he knows he is going to survive. He rushes to a small stream of water, and as he is about to drink the water, a deep voice from across the stream stops him from drinking. The voice belongs to a gunman, and his name is Daniel.

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