Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Maurice Poli

Maurice Poli was born on December 2, 1933 in Zarzis, Tunisia. Poli spent his youth in Régny.
He became well known for his appearances in several series such as ‘Belle et Sébastien’ (1964), ‘Frédéric le guardian’ (1965) where he played the lead role, which earned him great popularity (even leading him to have an affair with his partner Geneviève Grad).
But it was in Italy that he performed for most of his career, often under the name Monty Greenwood, in B movies: Spaghetti westerns, thrillers, adventures and erotic films. Among his more than 60 films he appeared in seven Euro-westerns from “Two Faces of the Dollar” in 1967 to “White Fang” in 1973.
Poli later became a director, an assistant director and a screenwriter. His last film appearance was in the short “La main noir” in 2004.
Today we celebrate Maurice Poli’s 80th birthday.

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