Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rememberig Pérez A. Olea

Antonio Pérez Olea was born on December 11, 1923 in Madrid, Spain. He received his musical training at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, being a disciple of Jesus Guridi (1886-1961) and Conrado del Campo (1878-1953).
Pérez Olea guided his career to film productions, therefore, by he studied and graduated with a Diploma in Optics and Camera at the Sperimentale Cinematographic Center of Rome, together with Jorge Grau.
Pérez Olea belongs to the generation of the "New Spanish Cinema", scoring the soundtracks of films directed by Vicente Aranda, Mario Camus, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Jorge Grau, Luis García Berlanga and Manuel Summers. He also became a producer, director, screenwriter and a cinematographer, cameraman and worked with Special Effects.
Olea scored two Euro-westerns: “Murieta” (1963) and “Django Does Not Forgive” (1966). Antonio Olea passed away in Madrid on January 5, 2005.
Today we remember Antonio Pérez Olea on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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