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Talento por amor – Spanish title
Gun Crazy – U.S.A. title
A Talent for Loving – U.K. title
A 1969 U.S.A., U.K. co-production [Paramount (Hollywood), Dudley Birch Films (London)]
Producer: Walter Shenson
Director: Richard Quine
Story: “A Talent for Loving” by Richard Condon
Screenplay: Jack Rose
Cinematography: Clifford Stone [color]
Music: Ken Thorne
Running time: 110 minutes
Major William Patten – Richard Widmark
Landowner – Cesar Romero (Cesar Romero, Jr.)
Mexican bandit – Topol (Chaim Topol)
Maria – Fran Jeffries (Frances Makris)
Moodie – Derek Nimmo
Franklin – Max Showalter
Lady Butler – Genevieve Page (Genevieve Bronjean)
Tortillaw – Joe Melin
Martinelli – John Bluthal
Jacaranda – Libby Morris
Benito – Mircha Carven
Jim Street – Judd Hamilton
Ms. Evalina Patten – Caroline Munro
Marilyn – Marie Rogers
Florita – Janet Storti
Don Patricio – Milo Quesada (Raúl Alonso)
Young Evalina – Stephanie Haynes
Mexican bandits - Jack Brami, Ricardo Montez

Set in Texas and northern Mexico in the decades around 1865, its basic premise is a fantastic one: In the 16th century an Aztec priest has cut off his own hand and used the bloody stump to lay a curse upon a blasphemous Spanish conquistador and all his direct descendants. The curse: that once any of the descendants, whether male or female, have tasted physical love, even in the form of a single kiss, they will spend the rest of their lives as being nearly sexually insatiable. Three centuries later the beautiful young virginal daughter of a fabulously wealthy Texas rancher and gambler is latest the victim of the curse; an elaborate set of contests and races is arranged to choose which of two cowboys will win her hand in marriage.

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  1. set around colmenar viejo- castillo de vinuelas-villamanta-fuencarral-la pedrisa manzanares el real