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Who Are Those Guys? - Raoul Billerey

Émile Gaston Maurice ‘Raoul’ Billerey was born on October 12, 1920 in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France. Billerey became interested in the theater and he then met actor Pierre Renoir and after World War II, he made his debut on the Parisian stage in “L'amour des Trois oranges” in 1946 at the  d'Alexandre Arnoux Théâtre in Montparnasse. In the early 1950s he took up fencing with fencing-master Claude Carliez, He the collaborated artistically with director André Hunebelle in several swashbuckling films as stunt coordinator and master of arms such as “The Three Musketeers” in 1953 with Georges Marchal and Bourvil Cadet Rousselle in 1954 with Bourvil and Dany Robin, the “ l'Impossible Monsieur Pipelet” (1955) with a young Louis de Funès, “Le Bossu” in 1959 with Jean Marais, “Le Miracle des loups” in 1961 where this time he’s seen as an actor with Jean Marais and Roger Hanin like “Les Mystères de Paris” in 1962 with Jean Marais and Raymond Pellegrin. He appeared in his only Euro-western film “Fernand Cowboy” in 1956 as Mario alongside “Fernand Raynaud”.
He was also known was a fencing master and his skills were put to use in several of his films including a Chinese version of the “The 3 Musketeers”. Raoul appeared in over 150 films as a stuntman but he also became a very good actor appearing in many stage performances, speaking roles in over 30 films and several television appearances.
However, Raoul Billerey made ​​some "professional indiscretions" during this decade before again finding his friend Jean Marais and appearing in 1962’s “The Iron Mask”. During the 1960s he also turned to television where he appeared in ‘Thierry La Fronde de Robert Guez’ with Claude Drouot, Philippe Noiret and Jean Marais. Other television appearances included ‘Lagardère’ (1967) and ‘D'Artagnan’ (1969). Raoul also continued his stage work during the 1960s with appearances in “Lorenzaccio” (1964), “Qui est cette femme?” (1965), and “L'envers d'une conspiration” (1967). Raoul appeared in the Euro-western TV series ‘Fortune’ in 1967.
His career continued on stage, television and film until the turn of the 21st century. His last film appearance occurred in 2003 with “Les Ripoux 3”. 2003 saw his last stage appearance in “Jésus II de Joseph Delteil”.
With his wife Claudine he retired to their home in Limoux, Aude, France. Here his death went almost unnoticed on July 28, 2010.

BILLEREY, Raoul (aka Raoul Billeret, R. Billerey, Raoul Billeroy, Raoul Bilrey) (Émile Gaston Maurice Billerey) [10/12/1920, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France - 7/28/2010, Limoux, Aude, France] – stage, TV actor, stuntman, fencing master, master of arms, married to Claudine Billerey (19??-2010).
Fernand Cowboy - 1956 (Mario)
Fortune (TV) - 1967

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