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Uno straniero a Sacramento – Italian title
Je te tuerai! – French title
Um pistoleiro em Sacrmento – Brazilian title
O Pistoleiro de Sacramento – Brazilian title
Een vreemde in Sacramento – Dutch title
Kopfgeld für Ringo – German title
Rache in Sacramento – German title
Enas xenos sto Sacramento – Greek title
Um estrangeiro em Sacramento – Portuguese title
Un extranjiero en Sacramento – Spanish title
Revansch i Sacramento – Swedish title
Främlingen från Sacramento – Swedish title
Stranger in Sacramento – English title
A Stranger in Sacramento – English title
A 1965 Italian, French co-production [Mondial Film (Rome), Films d’Equipe (Paris)]
Producers: Serge Bergonzelli, Adalberto Albertini, Graziano Fabiani
Director: Serge Bergon (Sergio Bergonzelli)
Story: “I Will Kill You Tomorrow” by J. Murphy (James Murphy)
Screenplay: Sergio Bergonzelli, Al Albert (Adalberto Albertini)
Cinematography: Al Albert (Adalberto Albertini) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Felix De Stafano (Felice Di Stefano)
Running time: 102 minutes
Mike Jordan – Mickey Hargitay (Miklos Hargitay)
Rosie/Rosa – Gabriella Giorgelli
Chris – Steve Saint-Claire (Aldo Berti)
Deputy – James Hill (Giulio Marchetti)
Barnett – Johnny Jordan (Mario Lanfranchi)
Rona Barnett – Barbara Frey (Barbara Freyde)
Sheriff Joe – Lucky Bennett (Luciano Benetti)
Sourdough – Frank Golard (Franco Gulà)
Lisa Morgan – Flo Silver (Florencia Silvero)
Emily – Skalha (Gia Sandri)
Rosa - Gabriella Giorgelli
Mill – Joseph ‘Big’ Matthews (Giuseppe Mattei)
With: Guy Galway (Renato Chiantoni), Julian Marc (Gumersindo Martinez), Ariel Brown (Bruno Arié), Romano Giomini

During a cattle drive Mike Jordan’s father and brother are killed, and the herd is stolen. The sheriff, to whom Mike goes to to seek justice, instead accuses him of killing two of Barnett’s, a local gangster, men. With the law set against him. Mike is helped by Chris, a strange drifter, and Lisa, the sister of one of the henchman of Barnett and manages to escape. When Mike finally convinces the sheriff to inspect the spot where he buried his father and brother, they find no trace of the bodies. Mike is beaten and ends up in prison. However, Chris and Lisa free Mike, and join forces. They talk to a henchman of Barnett’s, who reveals the truth about the deceptions hatched by his master against the young rancher. This time the sheriff cannot deny his help and Barnett is finally defeated.

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