Friday, June 14, 2013


Era Sam Wallash!... Lo chiamavano… e “Cosi sia” – Italian title
…zijn naam was Sam Wallach…! – Dutch title
Sam Wallash!... on l’appelle “Ainsi soit-il” – French title
Sam Wallash – Swedish title
His Name was Sam Walbash, but They Called Him Amen – U.K. title
Savage Guns – U.S.A. title
A 1971 Italian production [Galassia Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Director: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Story: Mila Vitelli (Mila Valenza), Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Screenplay: Mila Valenza, Demofilo Fidani
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Telecolor]
Music: Lallo Gorri (Coriolano Gorri)
Running time: 92 minutes
Sam Wallace/Sam Wallash/Sam Walbash/Cis Sia – Robert Woods
Mash Flannigan/Donovan – Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)
Hernandez – Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico)
Sturges – Custer Gail (Amerigo Leoni)
Fanny – Simone Blondell (Simonetta Vitelli)
Casper – Pietro Fumeli
Saloon girl – Piera Bruni
Gordon Mitchell – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Peter Martell – Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza)
Lincoln Tate – Lincoln Tate (James Kennelly)
Margie – Marina Malfatti (Marissa Malfatti)
Saloon patron – Attilio Severini

Mash Flannigan dominates, a small town in the West, with his thugs who kill anyone who tries to rebel against his abuse. In one of the many shootings he injures Sam Wallash, and kills his friend. Young Sam swears to avenge him, and, aided by Margie and her father, he is able to recover from his wounds and soon regains his strength. Sam then goes in search of the killers. He once again, is savagely beaten by the men of Donovan in the local saloon. Meanwhile Flannigan and his thugs continue their bullying and killings. Flannigan organizes a wrestling match, although rigged is presented to the public as an honest athletic match. Sam begins his revenge; gradually eliminating, with unerring aim, all Flanningan’s henchmen and a paid killer hired to kill him, until he eliminates them all.

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