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Who Are Those Gals ~ Maria Solveig D’Assunta


Anna D’Assunta was born on April 1, 1941 in Rome, Lazio, Italy the daughter of actor Rocco D’Assunta. She trained at the National Academy of Dramatic Art and specialized in dialects. She had previously been under contract with SAS and CDC then CD, later she had been active exclusively as a voice actress and dubbing director for CVD. Among the actresses she dubbed were Claudia Cardinale in “The Leopard”, Maria Antonietta Beluzzi in “Amarcord”, Katina Paxinou in the DVD re-dubbing of “For Whom the Bell Rings”,Irina Sanpiter in “White, Red and Verdone”, Olympia Dukakis in “The Widows' Club”, Bette Midler in “The Rose” and many others. She changed her first name from Anna Maria to Solvejg following a spiritual journey she made as a young woman to India.

She also voiced Darlene Conley in the soap opera “The Beautiful”, where the American actress played Sally Spectra. She was also active as a character actress, she has appeared in numerous films such as “Chi si ferm è perduto” (1960) by Sergio Corbucci and “Io, io, io ... e gli Altri” (1966) by Alessandro Blasetti. In May 2007 she was awarded a special mention at the fourth edition of the Leggio d'oro. Also in 2007 she abandoned the voice acting profession after more than forty years of activity, although in 2012 and 2013 she occasionally returned to dub the character of Sally Spectra, who appeared in some flashbacks of Beautiful.

In 2007, together with her husband actor Marzio Margine, she left Italy and moved to Spain, where her son, actor and dancer Massimiliano Margine, had been living for some time.

D’ASSUNTA, Maria Solveig (aka Solveg D'Assunta, Solvejg d'Assunta) (Anna D’Assunta) [4/1/1941 in Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] – film, TV, voice actress, daughter of actor Rocco D'Assunta [1904–1970], married to Marzio Margine mother of actor dancer Massimiliano Margine.

Shotgun – 1967 (Maggie)

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