Wednesday, November 9, 2022

RIP Jan Spitzer


German actor and voice dubber/actor Jan Spitzer died in Germany on November 14, 2022. He was 75. Born in Sangerhausen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany on May 16, 1947, Spitzer devoted himself from 1991/1992 mainly to the activity as a dubbing actor, he was seen in the former GDR at the DEFA and the DFF in numerous leading roles, for example in "Abschied", "Jungfer, sie gefällt mir", "Bürgschaft für ein Jahr" or as Friedrich Engels in "Marx & Engels" as well as in various "Polizeiruf 110" films. He also appeared in an episode of "The Last Witness". Until about 1975 he was also active as a singer and released singles on the label AMIGA. He also wrote theatre music.

Jan Spitzer’s Euro-westerns:

Blue Bird – 1979 (Andrew)

The Sullivans (TV) - 1976-1983 [German voice of Ken Weaver]

Alaska Kid (TV) – 1993 [German voice of Shavkat Gaziyev]

Posse – 1993 [German voice of Robert Hooks]

White Fang (TV) - 1993-1995 [German voice of Kevin Atkinson]

From Dusk Till Dawn – 1993 [German voice of Danny Keogh]

What Am I Doing in the Middle of a Revolution – 1969 [1994 German voice of Eduardo


Dead Mam – 1995 [German voice of Michael Wincott]

Kaiketsu Zoro (TV) - 1996-1997 [German voice of bandit]

Lucky Luke (TV) – 2001-2003 [German voice of Gerard Surugue]

800 Bullets – 2002 [German voice of Ángel de Andrés López]

Thompson 1880 - 1966 [2003 German voice of Pasquale Basile]

Cosmic Cowboys (TV) – 2003-2004 [German voice of Milosickovitz]

Copperhead (TV) – 2008 [German voice of Billy Drago]

Hatfields & McCoys (TV) – 2012 [German voice of Michael Woods]

Dead in Tombstone – 2013 [German voice of Danny Trejo]

Dead Again in Tombstone – 2017 [German voice of Danny Trejo]

Wynona Earp (TV) – 2016 [German voice of Greg Lawson]

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