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New short film release “30 de los grandes”

 '30 of the greats': the Axion Cinemas premiere a Cordoban western

The Cordoban director Víctor Castro, together with Miguel Calvo, premiere their short film, recorded in Tabernas

[Angela Cosano (NEVADA) with Manuel Membrilla (BILL), protagonists of '30 de los grandes']


July 13, 2022

The Axion Cinemas of Córdoba will premiere on July 15, “30 de los grandes”, a short film directed by the Cordoban Víctor Castro, together with the Jienense Miguel Calvo, recorded in the desert of Tabernas, and that counts among its actors with personalities such as Manuel Salas and Antonio Meliveo as a musical producer.

“30 de los grandes” can be seen on the big screen until July 21 at the Axion cinemas in Córdoba. The preview will take place in Navas de San Juan, the place of origin of Miguel Calvo, director of photography and partner of Víctor Castro, screenwriter and director. They were classmates at the University of Malaga for 4 years and, for their final degree project, they decided to produce a short western film.

The film has not only been a success at the university, where they said that this was not a final degree project, it was a project "from another league", but also promises to be a success for the public and for the festivals to which it has registered as the Almería Western Film Festival, the Malaga Film Festival, Cortogenial, ImagenArte or Cortogenial, as well as the Andalusian Film Academy.

They began recording in March 2022 in Tabernas and in the Minihollywood of Almería, with a specialized technical team, who traveled there along with the actors and extras, some from the school of dramatic art. Among them stands out the personality of Manuel Salas, actor with a long career in Spanish cinema and president of the Andalusian film academy; and Antonio Meliveo, three-time Goya Award nominee and IRIS Award winner.

The protagonist of the short, Nevada (played by Angela Cosano), a farmer concerned about protecting her lands and her family, by the greed of the wealthy Ringo Santana (played by Manuel Salas), finds Bill (played by Manuel Membrilla), a young addict to the game who will be the perfect target to achieve his purposes, because he owes 30,000 dollars to Ringo.

The strong point of this project, according to the director, Víctor Castro, is that the capacity of setting, the costumes, the narrative and the photography of the short are of a very high level for the tiny budget that was available, he indicates in a statement.

The short film has been conceived and produced in Malaga, has been recorded in Almeria and has been managed in Cordoba. "We say that the project is made in Andalusia because all the members of the team are Andalusians; for example, Víctor and Ángela are from Cordoba, Miguel and Manuel Salas are from Jaén, Manuel Membrilla is from Granada and Antonio Meliveo is from Malaga" according to Amalia Calvo, cultural manager of the short film.

These young filmmakers and their team are on their way to continue with audiovisual production, venturing with a feature film for their next project in which they are already starting to work.


30 de los grandes – Spanish title

30 of the Greats – translated English title


A 2022 Spanish short film production

Producer: Víctor Castro, Miguel Calvo [Mangancha Lowcost Productions (Madrid)]

Director: Victor Castro, Miguel Cavo, Victor Castro

Story: Victor Castro

Screenplay: Victor Castro

Cinematography: Victor Calvo [color]

Music: Antonio Meliveo. Nico Barrena

Running time: 18 minutes



Nevada - Ángela Cosano

Ringo Santana - Manuel Salas

Bill – Manuel Membrilla

Nevada, a farmer worried about protecting her land and her family, due to the greed of the wealthy Ringo Santana, runs into Bill, a young gambling addict who will be the perfect target to achieve his goals, since he owes Ringo $30,000.

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