Sunday, November 6, 2022

New western film short “Just a Western”


Just Western – English title


A 2021 Russian short film production [VasQfilm (Moscow)]

Producer: Vasilisa Koroleva

Director: Vasilisa Koroleva

Story: Sergey Malyshev

Screenplay: Sergey Malyshev

Cinematography: Alexander Obmelyukhin [color]

Music: Elena Pisano

Running time: 6 minutes



Butch - Vyacheslav Volkov

John - Igor Cherniavyi

Tom - Felix Nwibana

Barman - Denis Chapurin

A bounty hunter returns to San Creed with the loot. On the way he stops in the hall to quench his thirst, at which point an unusual guest appears in the hall willing to destroy all the hunter's plans. Will the hunter reach his destination?

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