Monday, June 1, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Albo Trinita

Albo Trinita

This comic was issued without a cover date. It was a reprint of The Adventures of Hope and Charity by Tristano Torelli with artwork by Aldo Rapetti. Kit the Sheriff was also by Torelli and Zuffi, Canadian Jean (here he becomes Canadian Pierre) a complete episode designed by Corbella

The comic was release in June 1975 and ended in May 1976. It was published by Cab Editions in Milan, Italy under the direction of Ermanno Tegani and Silvano Vianello it contained 112 black and white pages with color covers.

01 (00.06.75) - "Comanches" (Comanches)
02 (00.07.75) - "Giù la testa arrivano Speranza e Carità" (The Adventures of Hope and
03 (00.08.75) - "E continuavano a chiamarli Trinità..." (And They Continued to Call Me

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