Thursday, November 29, 2018

Who Are Those Guys? José Chávez

José Chávez Trowe  was born in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico on June 2, 1916-Mexico City. He began his career in 1938 in the film “Los millones de Chaflán”.

José made a total of 304 films and appeared in 10 television series. He appeared beside all the great stars of both Mexico and Hollywood where he filmed 20 movies and 8 TV series. He was an actor very well loved by all his colleagues, he was a very humble person and devoted himself to his career, and played characters both small and large, he never managed to be a leading actor because in many of his films he played the villainous characters for which he stole the scene. He also possessed an unmistakable voice. Some of his more famous films were “La Pachanga”, “A Tragedy in Three Acts”, “Cabo Blanco”, “El medio pelo”, all of them made in the 1980s; and among his films of the 1970s were: “Puerto maldito”, “Los reyes de Palenque”, “Carita de primavera”, “Red Zone”, “Las fuerzas vivas” and “Rapiña”.

 with that aguardientosa voice that he had that characterized him, was sensational!!! 304 movies are easy to say, but I'm sure we all agree that we remember this beloved actor in all his films who worked with all the stars of both the golden age and the commercial and as always happens, no there are no records or photographs of these actors who are in total oblivion, thanks to people like my good friend Pablo Villalobos Valdéz who takes the task of photographing scenes from movies and put his name as is the picture that I present the roll today . Finally, I told you that in 1980 I had the opportunity to meet this actor at Estudios América in Mexico City and I could see him working on the movie "Herencia de Muerte" directed by my friend José Luis Urquieta and it was a very nice e

Some of his films were La Pachanga, Tragedy in three acts, Cabo Blanco, El medio pelo, all of them belonging to the 80s; and his films of the 70s were, among others, Puerto maldito, Los reyes de Palenque, Carita de primavera, Red zone, Las fuerzas vivas and Rapiña.

He died on July 12, 1988 in Mexico City of natural cause at the age of 72.

CHAVEZ, José (aka José Chávez, José Chávez Trowe 'Chang', José Chávez 'Trowe', Jose T. Chavez, José T. Chavez, José T. Chávez, Jose Chavez T., José Chavez T., José Chávez T., Jose Chavez Trow, Jose Chavez Trowe, Jose Trowe, José Chavez Trowe) (José Chávez Trowe) [6/12/1916, Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico – 7/12/1988, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico] – film, TV, voice actor, married to? father of José Chávez Jr.
Guns for San Sebastian – 1967 (Antonito)


  1. I met Jose Chavez in South Main Street, McAllen TX in the early 70s! He was a nice gentleman. R.I.P.

  2. It appears to me that he was bilungual there is a slight bilingual accent i can recognize. Just like pedro armendariz and a few others