Thursday, November 1, 2018

Once Upon a Time in the Wild East

Однажды на Диком Востоке – Russian title
Once Upon a Time in the Wild East

A 2017 Rusian film production [Unkas Film (Moscow)]
Producer: Valery Bulatov
Director: Valery Bulatov
Story: Evgeny Bulatov
Screenplay: Evgeny Bulatov
Cinematography: Nikita Bulatov [color]
Music: Dmitry Pronin , Igor Kolokolov
Running time: 80 minutes

Story: Second story takes place on the territory of Ara Khalkhi in the village populated by peaceful herdsmen. An armed gang is trying to take control of the village, it is opposed by the leader of the nomads who guard the territory. The object of the attack is a huge resource of fresh water in the land of the herdsmen. Unexpectedly the two stories intersect.

Brave girl Sayan searches for a mysterious man in the territory of the wild lands of Ara-Khalkh. This man has many different names: some know him under the nickname Malgai (Mongolian hat), some call him the Ugadechi rain caster. The Indians call him Voposhtan. Also on the trail of a mysterious stranger are a detachment of the special services of the Manchurian Emirates and the militants of the military group led by the cruel Marias. All they need is one thing that the stalked wanderer is hiding. Changes in the world preserved after the apocalypse depend on this thing.

Sinelga Vanchugova, Valery Koshelev, Andrey Pegov, Vlad Maryasov, Evgeny Shiyan, Pavel Zhapov

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