Monday, November 19, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ Aquila Rossa

Aquila Rossa, is the son of the Grande Capo Piuma and a white woman. He strenuously struggles to avoid conflict with the whites and at the same time tries to unite the different tribes always at war with each other. After a series of long adventures, he becomes the representative of the Indians at the White House.

Aquila Rossa was first released on October 5 1950 and ran for 51 issues ending in 1951. It was published by the publisher Tomasina. Written and designed by Benedetto Resio. In the appendix are stories such as "The Ambush in the Forest" with Tim & Tom, and "Roal, the Hero of the Abyss" that ended up on I Condottieri.

Another character with the same name and with similar narrative characteristics, appears in 1957 for Edizioni Il Ponte di Giola and Bianconi, realized by Vladimiro Missaglia.

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