Friday, November 23, 2018

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Monique Chaumette

Monique Chaumette was born Helen Claire Monique Chaumette in Paris, France on April 4, 1927. The son of a shopkeeper and a secretary, François Chaumette earned a BA in philosophy and then became a pupil of René Simon at the Paris Conservatoire .  There she met Michel Piccoli, whose friendship he will retain until his death.

She is the sister of comedian François Chaumette [1923-1996]. Monique is particularly known for her roles in historical soap operas on television.  In terms of dubbing, she lent her voice to Darth Vader in the first episode released in the cinema in 1977 the Star Wars film saga (she will be replaced by Georges Aminel in the following episodes) and Khan Noonien Singh (played by Ricardo Montalban ) in Star Trek 2: The Anger of Khan .

Most of her career as a comedian is at the Comédie-Française, where she joined in 1957. Appointed 435th Member on September 15, 1960, she retired on December 31, 1987 and is a member of the honorary society as of January 1, 1988.

She was the wife, for a few years, of the writer Albert Cossery1 [1913-2008]. In 1962, she married Philippe Noiret, whom she met at the National People's Theater. They have a daughter, Frédérique Noiret, born May 25, 1960, who is an assistant director of film and screenplay and a granddaughter, Deborah Grall, also an actress, daughter of Frédérique and Sébastien Grall, director [1954-2013].

CHAUMETTE, Monique (Helen Claire Monique Chaumette) [4/4/1927, Paris, Île-de-France, France -     ] – film actress, sister of sister of actress François Chaumette [1923-1996], married to Albert Cossery [1913-2008] (19??-19??), married to actor, singer Philippe Noiret [1930-2006] (1962-2006) mother of assistant director, writer, actress Frédérique Noiret [1960-    ], grandmother of actress Deborah Grall [1984-    ], aunt of actress Sarah Chaumette.
Don’t Touch the White Woman! – 1973 (Sister Lucie)


  1. The actress on the photo is Sabine Azéma, not Monique Chaumette ; and of course Monique did not dub Darth Vador or Hal 9000 : it was her brother François.
    Thanks anyway for your excellent blog

  2. Thank you Philippe for the corrections which have been made in the post.