Saturday, November 24, 2018

"I would love to shoot a western in Tabernas" – Luis Tosar

He is in love with Sergio Leone's films

Diario de Almeria
By Fran Murcia
November 18, 2018

FM: Luis Tosar has won three Goya awards and other high-level recognitions, what does this tribute entail?

LT: It is a star, I had never experienced such an experience. I think it's a wonderful thing to have your name printed in a place like Almería, which has been a cinematographic reference for decades. A Goya is a more specific thing with respect to a specific job. You feel more examined and this type of awards is based on a broader affection, it is the recognition of a series of years, a career, a continuous work. One is grateful that people keep you in mind for a long time and not for a specific issue that may have even been a fluke. The important thing in this type of trade is to stay as long as possible.

FM: One of the requirements is to have recorded in the province.

LT: It's another special ingredient. I see the names of Eli Wallach, Sergio Leone or Franco Nero and flip. Am I really in the same short list as all these big movie stars? They have been a reference since I was a child.

FM: What problems do you see that there are in Almería when it comes to shooting?

LT: Sometimes, everything is intention. Everything happens through the existence of an infrastructure and intentionality on the part of the organisms. Here he has returned. It is a natural set and is one of the few places in the world where the DNA of the cinema is printed. Real gems of cinema have been recorded.

FM: What type of genre and where in Almeria would you like to shoot a feature film?

LT: I've always had a huge weakness for the western. I have never had the opportunity to shoot one. The closest thing is now in Granada is a kind of Iberian western, set in the Spanish postwar period. I would love to shoot a pure western in Almería, in the Tabernas desert.

FM: What character would you like to play?

LT: Any of the characters that Clint Eastwood made of Sergio Leone's films would be like a kind of acting fantasy. The typical hard guy from the western who goes to the town, solves the problems and leaves.

FM: Who would play in the film 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

LT: The good I doubt it, the ugly one could be by obvious physical characteristics, but the bad one is much more fun.

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