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European Western Comic Books ~ Aquila Bianca (White Eagle)

Aquila Bianca (White Eagle) was an Italian fuemtto which began on March 16th 1949.

The stories were written by Gian Giacomo Dalmasso and the drawings and art work were done by Enzo Magni and  Carlo Savi. 28 issues were printed from March 16, 1949 to September 29, 1949. It was published in Milan, Italy by A.R.C. Publishing directed by Pasquale Giurleo. Each issue contained 8 color pages.

The sexy heroine White Eagle is the princess of the Beatrice and Soomawes tribes. She constantly struggles with the restless Erwo to keep the peace between the tribes of Indians and the whites. To accompany the sexy heroine she has her dog Lip and her friend the white hunter Rugby. Aquila Bianca was published in 28 editions, the final editions are Carlo Savi also collaborates which gives rise in the 1950s to a long series of adventures written by Pini Segna and named after the couple's son, Yutak.

01 (16.03.49) - “Il figlio dei castori” (The Son of the Beavers)
02 (23.03.49) - “Urlo nella foresta” (Scream in the Forest)
03 (30.03.49) - “Il mistero della cascata” (The Mystery of the Waterfall)
04 (06.04.49) - “I padroni del fuoco” (The Masters of the Fire)
05 (21.04.49) - “La carica dei bisonti” (The Charge of the Bisons)
06 (28.04.49) - “La via di ritorno” (The Way Back)
07 (05.05.49) - “Sul sentiero di guerra” (On the Path of War)
08 (12.05.49) - “L’arrivo dei visi pallidi” (The Arrival of the Pale Faces)
09 (19.05.49) - “Trofeo di scalpi” (Trophy Scalp)
10 (26.05.49) - “La danza del fuoco” (The Dance of Fire)
11 (02.06.49) - “Il segreto dello stregone” (The Secret of the Sorcerer)
12 (09.06.49) - “Il clan dei ribelli” (The Rebel Clan)
13 (16.06.49) - “La valanga di pietra” (The Avalanche of Stone)
14 (23.06.49) - “La morte del vecchio Castoro” (The Death of the Old Beaver)
15 (30.06.49) - “Il caribou d’argento” (The Silver Caribou)
16 (07.07.49) - “Il miraggio dell’oro” (The Mirage of Gold)
17 (14.07.49) - “I padroni della Valle Nera” (The Masters of Black Valley)
18 (21.07.49) - “Rocce Insanguinate” (Bloody Rocks)
19 (28.07.49) - “La sorgente avvelenata” (The Poisoned Spring)
20 (04.08.49) - “Il trionfo di Uklavara” (The Triumph of Uklavara)
21 (11.08.49) - “Una donna fra gli orsi” (A Woman Among the Bears)
22 (18.08.49) - “La prova del fuoco” (The Trial of Fire)
23 (25.08.49) - “Il valico aperto” (The Open Pass)
24 (01.09.49) - “La morte misteriosa” (Mysterious Death)
25 (08.09.49) - “Una partita a poker” (A Game of Poker)
26 (15.09.49) - “Il ritorno di Mente Astuta” (The Return of Smart Mind)
27 (22.09.49) - “Il supplizio di Ervo” (The Torture of Ervo)
28 (29.09.49) - “Il salto dalla roccia” (The Jump From the Rock)

RC1 - The entire series is collected, with covers, in a single volume called AQUILA BIANCA COLLECTION (March 1950).

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