Monday, November 26, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ Rocky Rider

Rocky Rider was a gunman and a friend of the Indians. It was a series designed mainly by M. Uggeri and later by Loredano Ugolini who is known above all as the author of Billy Bis, Junior and Cristall.

Ugolini was one of the most prolific designers of the Universe and - together with Lino Jeva - co-author of numerous characters, which we often see him on this blog and give you the chance to appreciate its evolution and versatility.

With Rocky we see him grapple with the western; always on the Monello of 1967. The nice cover is by F. Corbella. The story is told by riding at breakneck speed and with abrupt bucking.

The first series was published in 1949 and contained 6 issues.
The second series was published weekly in 1949 and 81 issues were printed until April 11, 1953.

Texts were written by Luigi Greechi and drawings by Mario Uggeri published by by Universe Publishing House

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