Friday, September 1, 2017

Like a Dog

Like a Dog – English title

A 2010 Italian production [Hazardous Kinky, Eichenberg Studio (Rome)]
Producer: Giuseppe Iacono
Director: Claudio Cappello
Story: Claudio Cappello, Giuseppe Iacono
Screenplay: Claudio Cappello, Giuseppe Iacono
Cinematography: Yan Ippolito [black & white]
Music: Matteo de Meglio, Francesco Mattera
     Song: “The House of the Rising Sun” sung by Rossella Arcamone
Running time: 10 minutes

Bandit with canteen – Stefano Di Palma
Spitting bandit – Simone Ronci
Robber – Giuseppe Iacona
Dog – Robbin  Josefsson
Woman – Michele Gallug
Stuntman – John Ziagos

Three bandits split their bank haul but don’t get far when they fall for a trick by a woman and her lap dog partner.

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