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Il figlio di Zorro – Italian title
El hijo del Zorro – Spanish title
Le fils de Zorro – French title
Der wilde Ritt der Geister Reiter – German title
Zorro’s Son – Swedish title
The Man With the Golden Winchester – English title
The Son of Zorro – English title
A 1973 Italian, Spanish co-production [International Art Films (Rome), Film Triunfo (Madrid)]
Producers: Giovanni Vari, Miguel Ángel Gil
Director: Frank G. Carroll (Gianfranco Baldanello)
Story: Guido Zurli, Arpad De Riso, Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent (Joaquín Canales)
Screenplay: Guido Zurli, Arpad De Riso, Frank G. Carroll (Gianfranco Baldanello)
Cinematography: Franco Delli Colli [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carmelo Gigante
Running time: 88 minutes
Don Ricardo Villaverde/Zorro – Robert Widmark (Alberto Dell’Acqua)
Colonel Michel Leblanche – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Doña Conchita Herrera – Elisa Ramírez (Elisa Sanz)
John Warren/Mathias Boyd – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Pedro Garincha/Garcia – George Wang (Wang Yie)
Mathilda Leblanche – Dada Gallotti (Alba Gallotti)
Sergeant Marat – Marco Zuanelli
Captain Francois Bardeau – Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia)
Carmen – Marina Malfatti (Marissa Malfatti)
Don José Herrera Coser – Andrea Fantasia
Pedro – Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)
Soldier – Osiride Pevarello
With: Giorgio Dolfin, Marcello Monti, Mario Dardanelli, Marcello Simoni (Marcello Simonelli), Lorenzo Piani, Pietro Riccione, Renzo Pevarello, Franco Ukmar

In Mexico, at the time of the Emperor Maximilian, lives a young nobleman Don Ricardo Villaverde, cynically in love. The twists and turns in the aristocrats behavior are provoked by sudden appearances of the son of Zorro, a masked supporter of the rebels and engaged in collecting aid for the revolution. A load of weapons is being shipped to the Alcalde of San Ramon, Don Herrera Coser, but a rebel, Garincha, is aware of the shipment and attacks the convoy and Don Coser is killed, while his daughter Donna Conchita manages to escape and hide with the help of the son of Zorro and he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the weapons are taken into possession by the rebels and now armed the peons and a revolution begins, the Governor and his wife are forced to flee. Having accomplished his mission, the Son of Zorro gallops toward the house where Conchita is living, unhappily married to Don Ricardo Villaverde and discloses to her his true identity.
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