Friday, October 4, 2013

New Film Release

Nosotros somos justicia – Spanish title

A 2012 Spanish production [Oroneta Audiovisuals Manuel Cabo Producciones (Valencia)]
Producer: Patricia López
Director: Manuel Cabo
Story: Manuel Cabo
Screenplay: Manuel Cabo
Cinematography: Hugo Llopis (Hugo Angel) [color]
Music: Alex Pérez (Alex Mansergas)
Running time: ?
Jed - Antonio Escamez
Logan - Victor Fajardo
Pilatos - Sergio Ibañez
Chica- Sonia Martell
Chico - Juan Ballester
Jed is desperate, he knows he made a mistake, but errors are paid for with your life, and more in the Wild West ...
Trailer and Making of link:

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