Saturday, October 19, 2013


Sokové – Czechoslovakian title
A 1911 Czechoslovakian production [Kinofa (Prague)]
Producer: Antonín Pech
Director: Antonín Pech
Story: Antonín Pech
Screenplay: Antonín Pech
Cinematography: Antonín Pech [black & white]
Running time: 10 minutes

Cast: ?

Story: Two girls are dancing at the inn, when a bandit arrives. The bandit begins an argument with another guest about one of the girls, a fight begins and continues outside on the rocks. The bandit throws his rival off the cliff. The girls are mourning for the dead man when a cowboy appears on a horse. One of the girls tells the cowboy about the crime that was committed. The goes in pursuit of the bandit. When he catches up to him and disarms him and ties him to a tree. He leaves an old man to watch over the captive, but he gets drunk and falls asleep. One of the girls arrives armed with a revolver and frees the bandit who turns out to be her lover and they tie the watchman to the tree. The cowboy returns and again fights with the bandit. The good girl is accidently shot during the ensuing duel but the cowboy prevails and leads the handcuffed bandit away.

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