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The Singer Not the Song – U.K. title
Le fléau de Quantana – Belgium title
A História de um Homem Mau – Brazilian title
Hjertet og sværdet – Danish title
De Zwarte Tiran – Dutch title
Tuli ja tuhka – Finnish title
Le cavalier noir – French title
Sommer der Vergluchten – German title
I moira tous itan grammeni me aima – Greek title
E dio creo un uomo cosi – Italian title
Il coraggio e la sfida – Italian title
A Esperança Nunca Morre – Portuguese title
El demonio, la carne y el perdón – Spanish title
El dimoni, la carn i el perdó – Spanish title
Den blodiga dalen – Swedish title
Vadiler kahramani – Turkish title
The Singer Not the Song U.S.A. title
A 1961 British production [The Rank Organisation (London)]
Producer: Roy Ward Baker
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Story: “The Singer Not the Song” by Audrey Erskine-Lindop
Screenplay: Nigel Balchin
Cinematography: Otto Heller [Technicolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Philip Green (Harry Green)
Running time: 132 minutes
Anacleto Comanchi/Valentino – Dirk Bogarde (Derek Bogaerde)
Padre Michael Keogh/King – John Mills (Lewis Mills)
Locha/Linda DeCortinez – Mylène Demongeot (Marie-Hélène Demongeot)
Old Uncle – Laurence Naismith (Lawrence Johnson)
Chief of Police – John Bentley
Padre Gomez – Leslie French
Presidente – Eric Pohlman (Erich Pollak)
Vito – Nyall Florenz
DeCortinez – Roger Delgado (Roger Roberto)
Phil Brown – Philip Gilbert
Chela – Selam Vaz Dias
Pablo – Laurence Payne
Dona Marian – Jacqueline Evans (Grace Evans)
Pepe – Lee Montague (Lee Goldberg)
Jasefa – Serafina Di Leo
Senora Gonzalez – Marjorie Forsyth
Gonzalez – Arthur Goullet
Saddler – Thomas Hare
Police Sergeant – Jan Muzurus
Arcelia – Patricia Plunkett
Marco – Frank Sieman
Francisco Goya – John Steed
Farmer – Arthur Brough (Arthur Baker)
Henchman – Larry Taylor
With: Eileen Way

Father Michael Keogh, is sent by Rome to Quantana, a remote Mexican town which is under the control of a ruthless bandito named Anacleto Comanchi. Anacleto is educated and intelligent, but is completely against the teachings of the Catholic Church, but he finds in Keogh a man he strangely admires and with whom he can have intelligent conversation. However, he does not allow this to distract him from his goal: to get rid of the priest from Quantan and continue to his hold on the town at any cost.

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