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El hijo de Jesse James – Spanish title
Der zoon van Jesse James – Dutch title
Aleen tegen allen – Dutch title
Seul contre toue – French title
Der sohn von Jesse James – German title
Solo contro tutti – Italian title
Jesse James’ Kid – English title
One Against All – English title
Man Alone – English title
The Son of Jesse James – English title
A 1964 Spanish, Italian co-production [Apolo Film (Madrid), PEA (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Grimaldi
Director: Antonio Del Amo (Antonio Algara)
Story: Pino Passalacqua, Antonio del Amo (Antonio Algara)
Screenplay: Pino Passalacqua, Antonio del Amo (Antonio Algara), Marcello Fondato
Cinematography: Alfredo Fraile (Alfredo Peña), Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Running time: 91 minutes
Bill Smith/Bill James/Mr. Howard – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Dorothy Parker – Mercedes Alonso (María Gómez)
Sheriff Allan Davies – Adrian Hoven (William Hofkirchner)
Bruce – Raf Baldassarre (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Alfonso/Alonso – Robert Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Bob Marshall/Bob Ford – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Federal agent – John Bartha (János Barta)
Cowboy – Miguel Brendel
Marshall’s henchman – Joe Kamel (Giuseppe Frisaldi)
Bearded brawler – José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Bill Smith/Bill James as a child - Russ Stoddard (Russell Stoddard)
With: Peter A. Caminnecci, Tomás Torres, Fernando Sánchez Polack, Adolfo Torrado, Robert Johnson, Jr. (Carlos Marchent), Hilario Flores, Santiago Rivero, Lisa Sweet (Maribel Sáez), Antonio del Amo (Antonio Algara), Lucio De Santis

Bill James is just a child when his father, Jesse James, is assassinated by his cousin Bob Ford. Twenty years later, Bill James, who is the mirror image of his father, rides away from Missouri, to avoid the hatred caused by his father’s death. At Three Star ranch, owned by Dorothy, Bill is hired as a ranch hand. He enjoys the quiet farm work but not for long, because soon he becomes involved in the persecution that the farm and the girl suffer at the hands of Marshall, a bully stock breeder. The first clashes between Marshall and Bill do not lead to any solution, but Bill, indicted for the murder of a man, is forced to flee. Meanwhile he develops a suspicion that Marshall and his murderous uncle are the same person, and when his suspicions are confirmed he returns to the town and challenges and kills Bob Ford .

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