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Sing, Cowboy, sing – German title
Zpivej, kovboji – Russian title
Preerian Elvis – Finnish title
Spievaj, kovboj! – Czechoslovakian title
A két rodeos – Hungarian title
Sing, Cowboy, Sing – English title
A 1980 East German, Russian co-production [DEFA (Potsdam-Babelsburg)]
Producers: Gerrit List, Georgete Vilcu Savescu
Director: Dean Reed
Story: Dean Reed
Screenplay: Dean Reed
Cinematography: Hans Heinrich [Orwocolor, widescreen]
Music: Karel Svoboda
Songs: “Heigh Cowboy”, “Thunder & Lightning”, “Susan” sung by Dean Reed
Running time: 86 minutes
Joe – Dean Reed
Benny – Václav Neckár
Susanne – Kerstin Beyer
Maria – Violeta Andrei
Dave Arnold – Jurie Darie
Barkeeper – Stefan Diestelmann
Sheriff of Hidden Junction – Helena Ruzicková (Helena Málková)
Deputy Sheriff of Hidden Junction – Jirí Ruzicka
Sheriff of Rose City – Siegfriedt Seibt
Sheriff of Leadville – Vlad Radescu (Vlad Radesch)
Deputy Sheriff – Ion Dorutiu
Silvia – Elke Gierth (Elke Martens)
Pythonin – Gertraut Last (Gertraud Last)
Chinese cook – Chuan His Kao
Ned – Cristian Sofron
Ned’s mother – Elena Sereda
Judge – Mihai Mereuță
Joana – Theresia Wider
Saloon girl – Rose Becker
Siedler – Peter Pauli
Hotel clerk – Paton Price
Telegrapher – Bodo Schmidt
Boy with frog – Dean Price
Cowboys – Miron Murea (Mircea Murea), Dan Dobre

Rodeo riders Joe and Benny earn their money with demonstrations of their skills. As jugglers and singers they travel from town to town to make ends meet. After a rodeo show Joe meets a woman whose daughter Susanne is so impressed with him that she secretly hides in Joe's covered wagon. She is only discovered long after the cowboys have left the city. The send a telegraph message from the nearest town Hidden Junction to Leansville that they have found Susanne and will bring her to her mother. Meanwhile Dave Arnold wants to marry Susanne’s mother to obtain her grandfather’s land left to her in his will. He goes after Joe and Benny with a search warrant because he’s accused them of kidnapping Susanne. In a shootout with the "kidnappers" Arnold is critically wounded. Susanne remains hidden in Joe's wagon because she sees him as the ideal father.
The sheriff of Hidden Junction learns that Joe and Benny have a warrant out for their arrest. They both flee the city. They also leave Rose City after they start a fight in jail and are able to escape with Susanne's help. Also helping them is an attractive blonde named Silvia, who falls in love with Benny. In their flight, Joe, Benny and Susanne finally come to a peaceful valley and the town of Liebenthal, settled by Germans, which is run by the feisty Pythonin. The village has been fighting for some time against the attempted takeover by Dave Arnold. The villagers learn that Joe and Benny have a common cause with Pythonin and together they fight Arnold’s thugs, including the Sheriff of Leansville. There is a showdown, in which Joe, Benny, Susanna and Silvia defeat the enemy. Susanne's mother Mary, who learns of the attack on Liebenthal, comes to the city, and retrieves her daughter. Joe becomes part of the family, while Benny joins up with Silvia.

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