Saturday, October 5, 2013

RIP Carlo Lizzani

Director Carlo Lizzani committed suicide today October 5, 2013, throwing himself into the void, from the third floor of a building in the center of Rome. Lizzani was 91 years old. The producer, director and author was born in Rome on April 3, 1922. Among his most famous films “Banditi a Milano”, “Fontamara”, “Cronache di poveri amanti”, “Mussolini ultimo atto” for television he directed “Le cinque giornate di Milano” and “Maria Jose”. Carlo directed two Euro-westerns: “The Hills Run Red” and “Kill and Pray” both in 1967.

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  1. Another great loss to the Movie Scene...:(
    R.I.P Mr. Lizzani, your works will be still with us for years to come.
    Stephan Segantini