Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Snowblind – German title
Видео – Russian title
Snowblind – English title
A 2009 German production [Mangofilm GmbH (Berlin)]
Producers: Kalle Max Hofmann, Bastian Schreitling
Director: Kilian Manning
Story: Kalle Max Hofmann
Screenplay: Kalle Max Hofmann
Cinematography: Bastian Schreitling [color]
Music: Ricky Watson, Matt Sweetwood
Running time: 90 minutes
Clayton Young – Robert Lyons
Naina Saberneck – Mala Gheidia (Mumta Gheidia)
Matthew Saberneck – Erik Hansen
Barbara Midnite – Jana Pallaske
Governor Bhavesh Lafort – Dharmander Singh (Dharmander Deol)
Marshal Phillip Clarke – Albee Lesotho
Gray Fox – Wim Wenders
Deputy Frank Holden – Christian Settitiello
Duke Thompson – Ricky Watson
Johnny Levi – Mathias Jürgens
Sheriff Jack Palance – Stephen Patrick Hanna
Kassie Kalifornia – Indira Weis
Virgil Dakota – Angus McGruther
Maria Cotrelli – Elisa Duca
Chili Bean – Nadine Petry
Last soldier – Stefan Puntigam
Crying woman – Takeesha Roland

A new ice age has begun, civilization has collapsed, the world is a single war zone, reign in the warlords and outlaws. Clayton Young is a legendary gunslinger who was convicted along with several other prisoners by Governor LaFort to death. But then LaFort makes the gunslingers an offer they cannot refuse: find and eliminate Matthew Saberneck! Young expects no difficulty in this mission, but then he becomes friends with Saberneck. An affair with his wife makes the new friendship a problem. Before he knows it, Clayton Young is on the run again, but now before Sabernecks henchmen and the bounty hunters of the Governor. This is basically a remake of “China 9, Liberty 37”.
YouTube trailer link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcVnjQjbiqY

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