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Son of a Gunfighter – U.S.A.
El hijo del pistolero – Spanish title
Revolverisankarin – Finnish title
Fils d’un hors-la-loi – French title
Sohn des Revolvehelden – German title
100 Bandidos in der Falle – German title
Viva pistoleros – Greek title
Mezzo dollar d’argento – Italian title
Syn rewolwerowca – Polish title
O Filho do Pistoleiro – Portuguese title
El hijo del pistolero – Spanish title
Son of a Gunfighter – English title
A 1965 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Lester Welch Productions (Hollywood), Zurbano Film(Madrid)]
Producer: Lester Welch
Director: Paul Landres (Paul Katz)
Story: Clarke Reynolds
Screenplay: Clarke Reynolds
Cinematography: Manuel Berenguer [Metrocolor, Cinemascope]
Music: Robert Mellin (Israel Melnikoff)
Running time: 91 minutes
Johnny Ketchum – Russ Tamblyn
Deputy Mace Fenton – Kieron Moore
James ‘Ace’ Ketchum – James Philbrook
Don Pedro Fortuna – Fernando Rey
Pilar Fortuna – María Granada
Juan Morales – Aldo Sambrell
Pecos – Antonio Casas
Esteban – Barta Barri
Sheriff Litton – Ralph Browne
Fuentes – Andy Anza
Joaquin – Fernando Hilbeck
Jim – Héctor Quiroga
Maria – Carmen Tarraza
Sarita – María José Collado
Townsman – Julio Pérez Tabernero
Townswoman – Carmen Collado

Johnny Ketchum is the son of notorious gunfighter Ace Ketchum, and he is search of the man who killed his mother. His search brings him in contact with Deputy Mace Fenton, who wants to collect the $10,000 reward on Ace Ketchum's head, a wealthy landowner named Don Pedro Fortuna and his daughter Pilar; and Juan Morales, a Mexican bandit terrorizing the territory. Before finishing his quest, Johnny finds love, learns family secrets, and fights with the Morales gang.
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