Friday, October 25, 2013

RIP Antonia Bird

Antonia Bird, who directed the 1999 cannibalism Euro-western horror pic “Ravenous,” died Thursday October 24, 2013 in London after an illness. She was 62.
The British helmer born in London on May 27, 1951 was known for directing films including “Priest,” “Mad Love,” and “Face.” Her close friend and frequent collaborator Robert Carlyle starred in several of her movies. Her films are renowned for their socially-conscious themes. Bird’s first feature, 1994′s “Priest,” was heavily criticized by the Catholic Church. She won a BAFTA for the “Safe” episode of the series “Screenplay” and another for “Care.”

She began her career at the Royal Court Theatre before venturing to the small screen in the mid-1980s with “EastEnders.” She later directed TV shows such as “Cracker,” “MI-5″ and “Casualty.”


  1. I always thought Ravenous was a bit of a sleeper. I consider it a solid film. RIP

  2. I agree Jim. I think it's one you have to watch more then once to understand all that the story is trying to tell.