Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Orso Maria Guerrini

Orso Maria Guerrini was born on October 25, 1943 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He is the brother of actress Ilaria Guerrini and became known to the general public in 1970 when he was chosen to play the lead in “E le stelle stanno a guardare” by director Anton Giulio Majano. He then starred in dozens of films for the cinema and television, as well as having done voice dubbing.
Orso has also worked in advertising for several years and is the face of the famous Moustache of Birra Moretti. He is the narrator of General Jose Börjes in the show “La Storia Bandita”, which tells the story of the brigand Carmine Crocco and which is held every year in Brindisi di Montagna (Potenza).
Guerrini has appeared in five Euro-westerns from “My Name is Pecos” with Robert Woods to his best remembered role as Butch Shannon on 1976’s “Keoma”. Once married to actress Catherine Spaak [1945- ], he is married to actress Cristina Sebastianelli.
Today we celebrate Orso Maria Guerrini’s 70th birthday.

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