Friday, December 21, 2012

RIP Milo Quesada

Milo Quesada has died

The Argentine actor was 82 years old and lived in Madrid.

Milos Quesada died on December 12th in Madrid at 82 years of age. The Argentine actor was born as Raúl García Alonso. Quesada started in films with “Crisol de hombres” (1954) and later that year participated in “Los problemas de papa”. He then performed in “Al sur del paralelo 42” (1955), “Surcos en el mar y Rosaura a las 10” (1958), where he played the boyfriend of Rosaura, in the version based on the novel by Marco Denevi. That same year he settled in Spain, where he shot “Las chicas de la Cruz Roja “ and played the role of Carlos Gardel in “Mi último tango”  (1960) by Luis César Amadori, where he teamed with Sarita Montiel. He also participated in “Savage Pampas” directed by Hugo Fregonese. In 1971 he appeared with Boris Karloff in “Cauldron of Blood”. Quesada appeared in 12 Euro-westerns starting with “The Colt is My Law” (1965) and ending with “Captain Apache” in 1970. 

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