Thursday, December 20, 2012

Powwow Highway

Powwow Highway – U.K. title

Uma Estrada Sem Limites – Brazilian title
Zwei Cheyenne auf dem Highway – German title
Az ősök földjén – Hungarian title
Oltre la riserva – Italian title
Na wojennej ścieżce – Polish title
Powwow Highway – U.S.A. title

A 1988 British production [HandMade Films Ltd. (London)]
Producer: Jan Wieringa
Director: Jonathan Wacks
Story: “Powwow Highway” by David Seals
Screenplay: Janet Heaney, Jean Stawarz
Cinematography: Toyomichi Kurita [Technicolor]
Music: Barry Goldberg
Songs: “Fallen Angel”, “Sweet Fire of Love” sung by Robbie Robertson
Running time: 91 minutes

Buddy Red Bow – A. Martinez (Adolf Martinez III)
Philbert Bono – Gary Farmer
Rabbit Layton – Amanda Wyss
Bonnie Red Bow – Joanelle Nadine Romero
Chief Joseph – Sam Vlahos (Soteron Vlahos)
Wolf Tooth – Wayne Waterman
Imogene – Margo Kane
Sandy Youngblood – Geoff Rivas (Geoffrey Rivas)
Agent Jack Novall – Roscoe Born
Louie Short Hair – John Trudell
Buff – Wes Studi (Wesley Studi)
Captain Roberts – Tony Frank
Jane Red Bow – Chrissie McDonald
Sky Red Bow – Sky Seals
Aunt Harriett – Maria Antoinette Rogers
Condo-man – Nicholas Anthony
Hi-Fi Hut cashier – Kandi Brooks
Lucinda Sanchez – Dalin Gomez
Brave on horse – Rodney Grant
Vietnam veteran – Graham Greene
Jail guard – Irene Handren-Seals (Irene Handren)
Stockyard foreman – Lafayette J. Harris
Sioux driver – Bill T. Head
Police officer – Ron Holstrom (Ronald Holstrom)
Young Buddy – Mike Means
Patrolman – Marc Miles
Floozy – Rogene Not Afraid
Waitress – Leigh Opitz
Hi-Fi & car salesman – Patrick Randal
Secretary – Stephanie Roberts
Young Bonnie – Ariane Rowland
Light Cloud – Chris Rowland
Young Philbert – Keith Shoulder Blade
Many – Titus Shoulder Blade
Bull Miller – Adam Taylor
Pueblo woman – Pat Van Ingen (Patricia Van Ingen)
CB radio voice – Floyd Waterman
Fidel de Baca – Del Zamora
Bar patron – James Pollard

For the Northern Cheyenne tribe of Lame Deer, Montana, the American Dream has taken a grim detour. Buddy Red Bow, a quick-tempered activist, is battling greedy developers who send fast-talking, slick Sandy Youngblood to the reservation to try to persuade the council to vote in favor of a strip-mining contract. Philbert Bono is a serene hulk of a man guided by sacred visions. He desperately wants to find his medicine, tokens from the spirits, and starts his journey to become a warrior by trading some marijuana, booze, and a few bucks for his 'war pony' – a rusted out, beat up 1964 Buick Wildcat he names 'Protector.' Meanwhile, Buddy's estranged sister, Bonnie, is arrested in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Buddy is the only family member who can help her and her children, Jane and Sky Red Bow. Buddy does not own a car, so he is forced to make the journey with Philbert. They set out on their road trip, and Philbert's easygoing ways and insistence on frequent stops to pray and eat prove irritating at first to Buddy, but the men reach an understanding as the trip wears on. When they finally reach Santa Fe, they meet up with Bonnie's friend, Rabbit who is also trying to get Bonnie out of jail. Buddy and Philbert end up taking more than just a trip from Lame Deer to Santa Fe, finding themselves on a journey with many unexpected twists, turns, and stops. Together, they face the realities and dreams of being Cheyenne in the modern-day United States as they travel down the Powwow Highway.


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