Monday, December 24, 2012

Prairie in the City

Großstadtprärie – German title
Prairie in the City – English title

A 1971 German production [Avis, TiBo Film (Munich)]
Producer: Claus Tinney
Director: Klaus Krause (Cluse Tiedmans)
Story: Klaus Krause (Cluse Tiedmans)
Screenplay: Klaus Krause (Cluse Tiedmans)
Cinematography: Peter Reimer [Eastmancolor]
Music: Gunther Weiss
Running time: 86 minutes

Falk - Harald Leipnitz
Rau - Günther Ungeheuer
Anke - Emilie Reuer (Emily Reuer)
Kramer – Hank Redford (Günther Bohatsch)
Maybach – Wolfgang Spier
Detective - Tommy Hörbiger (Thomas Hörbiger)
Halbstarker – Till Krabbe
With: George Schlob, Hans Nielsen [archive footage]

Two well-to-do citizens play cowboy and end up shooting each other over a woman.

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