Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 65th Birthday Carla Cassola

Carla Cassola was born in Taorima, Messina, Sicily, Italy on December 15, 1947. Carla has been very active in the theater, but in the cinema she’s best known for her roles in horror films such as “La casa nel tempo” (1989) directed by Lucio Fulci, “Demonia” (1990) again directed by Lucio Fulci and the cult film “La seta” (1991) directed by Michele Soavi. Carla also appeared in two Euro-westerns “Death Rides a Horse” (1968) and “The Genius” (1975). In 1993 she won the Silver Ribbon for best female dubbing for the film “Tilda” as the Italian voice of Tilda Swinton. More recently she has participated in several Italian films such as “The Torturer” (2005) by Lamberto Bava and “Il pugile e la ballerina” (2008) by Francesco Suriano. Today we celebrate Carla Cassola’s 65th birthday.

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