Wednesday, May 25, 2022

New Blu-ray release "Killer Calibre .32”








Killer Calibre .32

(Killer Caliber .32)


Director: Alfonso Brescia

Starring: Peter Lee Lawrence, Agnès Spaak, Hélène Chanel, Andrea Bosic


Country: Spain

Label: unknown


Languages: Spanish, German, English

Subtitles: Spanish, German

Running time: 94 minutes


Available: May 25, 2022


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  1. I've seen the film on YouTube and it was great. The entire story revolves around a detective by the name of Silver who carries a modified 1851 Navy Colt pistol in .32 caliber because "larger bullets such as a .45 make a big mess". He is hired to investigate a stagecoach robbery in which all the passengers on board along with the driver and the shotgun guard were brutally killed. He learns that a man by the name of Dick Avery has hired these thugs to rob the stage in order to obtain legal documents to a piece of land that the townspeople have already settled onto. But Silver soon finds out that the documents are fake and that there IS no land to be claimed. What's even worse is that the only man who can point Silver to the stagecoach robbery has been killed. A potential clue as to whom the leader was is two sets of teeth that one of the bandits lost during the robbery. He also finds out later that Spot Avery, Dick Avery's son, played by Italian actor and stuntman and circus performer Alberto Dell'Acqua, was in on the robbery and is forced to kill him. He also starts to have prloblems with the sheriff's deputy, Judd, played by Massimo Righi, AKA Max Dean, and half the townspeople. A great film overall full of mystery, betrayal, murder, and mystique. Would definitely watch again.