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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Bourvil

Andre Robert Raimbourg was born in Prétot-Vicquemare, Seine-Inférieure, France on July 27, 1917. At the age of three his family moved a region called Bourville, Normandy. There he finished school at the age of 15 and went to work as a baker. A musician at an early age on the harmonica, mandolin and cornet he joined the village band. He joined the army in 1940 making music-hall shows for the French troops. At this time he changed his name to Andrel as a tribute to his favorite actor Fernandel. He then started writing his own songs and made a name for himself. In 1942 he changed to the name he would be known as throughout the rest of his career. Bourvil. He became a comedian dressed as an overgrown, crafty but naive farmer. After World War II ended he worked in radio and started his film career and found fame working with director Gerard Oury and his appearances in “The Crossing Paris” (1956) directed by Claude-Autant-Lara. In several of his films he was given songs to sing including 1958’s “Texas Serenade.

BOURVIL(aka André Bourvil) (Andre Robert Raimbourg) [7/27/1917, Prétot-Vicquemare, Seine-Inférieure, France – 9/23/1970, Paris, Île-de- France, France (Kahler's syndrome)] – screenwriter, singer, comedian, theater, film, radio, TV actor, cousin of actor Lucien Raimbourg [1903-1973], married to Jeanne Lefrique [1918-1996] (1943-1970), father of lawyer Dominique Raimbourg [1950-    ], professor Philippe Raimbourg [1953-    ].

Texas Serenade – 1958 [sings: “A dada,” “Les pruneaux”]

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