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Who Are Those Guys ~ Larry Cross

Born Russell Beurling Titus on Christmas Day 1913 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Russell married Doris Mildred Slater in 1944. Doris was Canada’s first female comic book artist. The couple had two children Robin and Patricia. The marriage ended in 1950 when Russell moved to England to pursue an acting career under the name of Larry Cross. He appeared in sixty film and TV shows between 1954 and 1976. He’s best remembered for his appearances in “Carry on Cowboy”, his only Euro-western, “A Countess from Hong Kong” (1967), “The Kremlin Letter” (1970) and “The Wind and the Lion” in 1975. He appeared in the first episode (as Station manager) of a 1972 British production of Anne of Green Gables (set in the late 19th century - 1880-1890's Canada). Based on Anne of Green Gables, the beloved 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, which is similar to Little House on the Prairie. Both were written for a young girl audience. It would have been set following Confederation (1867), and at least would have had a rustic feel, rather than a frontier atmosphere and warrants a mention.

 Once in England Cross married Evangeline Faustina Bardeney before passing away on June 29, 1976.

CROSS, Larry (aka Russ Titus) (Russell Beurling Titus) [12/25/1913, Nova Scotia, Canada – 6/29/1976, London, England, U.K.] – film, TV actor, married to comic book artist Doris Mildred Slater [1918-1964] (1944-1950) father of Robin Titus [194?-    ], Patricia Titus [194?-    ], married to Evangeline Faustina Bardeney (19??-19??).

Carry on Cowboy – 1965 (Perkins)

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