Thursday, April 7, 2022

Rodolfo Gasparri and the art of Italian posters

 Rodolfo Gasparri was born in Castelfidardo in 1928, He left his hometown to move to Rome at a very young age to fulfill his dream: to be a figurative painter for cinema. After a hard apprenticeship punctuated by popular giallo covers from prestigious publishing houses, he entered the world of poster art with creations that have made the history of cinema. Over 220 film posters of blockbuster films: "Miracle of Marcelino", "Once Upon a Time in the West", the "Colossus of Rhodes", "Giù la testa", the "Bible" and the series "Mark il polizotto”played by his eldest son Franco Gasparri [1948-1999], the cult face of photo novels in the sixties and seventies who in turn died prematurely. A remarkable journey, which the city of Castelfidardo wanted to pay homage last March by naming the municipal cinema-theater after Gasparri, in which rooms are now kept original portraits that also represent sections of the fashions of the fifties and sixties. Rodolfo Gasparri died in 1981.

In the photo below in Nisi, Rodolfo Gasparri's family with the Mayor and authorities at the Astra naming ceremony.


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