Monday, April 11, 2022

European Western Comic Books ~ Billy the Kid

 Billy the Kid

A single issue published by the Milone bookshop in Turin, Italy that presents Billy the Kid, a western character created in 1952 in the wake of the success of the American film of the same name starring Robert Taylor and appeared on the pages of the English weekly "Sun". Geoff Campion, who along with Parker is the leading designer of the Fleetway publishing house, was the graphic designer of the series. After many issues Billy the Kid passes on to Harry Bishop and Don Lawrence. In Italy the character appears in July 1955 in Dardo's Far West magazine, together with the adventures of Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok, also an English production. Later it was published by the Edizioni Corno in appendix to Gordon (4) (1961), in the version by Ralph Birch and Stan Owen, and by the American Editions on California (1963), integrating the original plates (partly by Jesus Blasco) with others made by A. Crespi and De Julio. The volume of Milone features both reprints of the original plates (partly by Campion and partly by Bishop), and the childhood story of Billy which is unpublished.

The volume contained 48 black and white pages with a color cover.

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