Saturday, April 23, 2022

Who Are Those Singers and Musicians ~ Nevil Cameron

Nevil St. Aubin Cameron was born in Kingston, Jamaica on September 13, 1931 In the 1960s and 1970s he made some records sung in Italian: the single "Blu di Roma / Addormentarmi so" from 1962, the single "Last game" (for the film "Sentenza di morte") from 1968, the album "Terzo Mondo" in collaboration with Elvio Monti and Pelleus & Vivika in 1972 and "Keyboards n. 2" again in collaboration with Elvio Monti. He was a member of a musical group called “Nevil Cameron and the Groove” along with Edmondo Guidi.

CAMERON, Nevil (aka N. Cameron, The Torpedo, Vivicka) (Nevil St. Aubin Cameron) [9/13/1931, Kingston, Jamaica – 6/8/2001] – composer, songwriter, singer, member of “Nevil Cameron and The Groove”.

Death Sentence – 1967 [sings: “The Last Game”]


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