Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Who Are Those Guys ~ Luciano Casamonica

Luciano Casamonica was born in Rome, Italy on March 2, 1957. Luciano is the nephew of Mafia boss Vittorio Casamonica [1940-2015] and the brother of actor Armando Casamonica [195?-    ].

Luciano had a brief career as a child actor of five films, four of which were Euro-westerns from 1968-1983. He’s probably best remembered as Manuel in “Night of the Serpent” (1969) starring Lou Askew and Juanito in “Adiós, Sabata” (1970) starring Yul Brynner.

Luciano attended the Università degli Studi di Teramo and got married in 2010. He’s now the father of Virginia Virginia Vi Casamonica and living in Rome, Italy.

His brother Armando Casamonica made a brief appearance in “Tepepa” as a young Mexican rebel before being shot and killed by Orson Welles. This was Armando’s only film appearance.

CASAMONICA, Luciano [3/2/1957, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] – child film actor, nephew of Mafia boss Vittorio Casamonica [1940-2015], brother of actor Armando Casamonica [195?-    ], married to ? (2010-    ), father of Virginia Vi Casamonica [2014-    ].
Tequila Joe – 1968 (Rodriguez' son)
Blood and Guns – 1969 (Paquito)
Night of the Serpent – 1969 (Manuel)
Adiós, Sabata – 1970 (Juanito)

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