Friday, February 9, 2018

Tiggiano, "Spaghetti western" in the community flavor library

Tiggiano - The atmosphere of a Salento border land, with its agricultural and community vocation, that being extreme suburbs inhabited by artists and solitary: from here, from the imaginary country of the territory, the "Spaghetti (w) eastern" project was presented from the Municipality and financed with 550.000 euros within the "Community Library" call of the Puglia Region.

The project will lead to a series of redevelopment and upgrading of the entire Palazzo Serafini Sauli (better known as Palazzo Baronale) structure, in order to improve the livability of the rooms and make them more comfortable, bright, accessible and such as to host activities aimed at to a diverse audience for interests and age groups. In these spaces a new library of communities will take shape, centering on the history, art and country life of the place, creating an osmotic relationship with the inhabited center and with the architectural context in which it is inserted. The other existing realities inside Palazzo Baronale - that is, the municipal library of the SAC Porta d'Oriente pole and the external garden with apiary and educational garden managed by the Terrarossa cooperative; the permanent set-up on the peasant culture - will be integrated with the community library and will form with it a widespread cultural unicum.

An absolute novelty, however, will be the creation inside the Palace of a museum dedicated to the film genre of Spaghetti western, which inspires the name of the project and which has already found the support (expressed in a letter of intent) by the spouses of Hollywood cinema Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford, owners in Tiggiano of a farm in the locality of Matine.

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