Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wild North - Curse of Gold

Wild North – Curse of Gold – International title
A 2003 Swedish production [Film i Västerbotten (Stockholm)]
Producer: Magnus Johansson
Directors: Peter Holmgren, Erik Andersson, Magnus Johansson (Hans Johansson)
Story: Magnus Johansson (Hans Johansson)
Screenplay: Magnus Johansson (Hans Johansson)
Cinematography: Erik Andersson [color]
Music: Ulf Jansson
Running time: 22 minutes
Mikael Johansson, Erik Andersson, Peter Holmgren, Daniel Forsman, Nils Svensson, Loa Andersson, Daniel Brodin, Magnus Johansson (Hans Johansson), Jocke Hedlund, Marielle Lundgren, Stefan Ek, Simon Stenberg, Peter Hedlund, Kennet Forsell, Johan Nilsson, Magnus Lindgren, Markus Remberger, Mike Johansson, Anders Thorell, Roger Laestadiu
Stunts: Svante Hidesson
This is the dark story of the white north, where a human life was not worth a lot. There, in the 1800s in the northern part North America newfound wealth was rare and lethal when a large gold nugget often more often cursed than a blessing. Gold lit, namely greed, a cruel spark in people's eyes and the hard life pitted law-abiding citizen against cold-blooded murderers for the ownership of the gold nugget.

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