Saturday, December 6, 2014

White Hell

Inferno Bianco – Italian title
White Hell – English title
A 2007 Italian production
Producer: Stefano Jacurti
Director: Emiliano Ferrera, Stefano Jacurti
Story: Stefano Jacurti
Screenplay: Stefano Jacurti
Cinematography: Cosimo Fiore [black & white]
Music: ?
Running time: 82 minutes
Peggy - Eleonora De Bono
Rick Morrison - Alessandro Grande
Old Jack - Sebastiano Vento
Jesse – Cosimo Fiore
The mute – Alex Donato
Ethan – Emiliano Ferrera
Brigham – Stefano Jacurti
Burt – Massimiliano Speranza
Tied man - Vasco Montez
Catherine – Maria Luisa Graneri
Spedizione Futuro – Tino Granata
Professor Jenkins – Marco Belocchi
Professor’s assistant – Stefano D’Angelo
Man with the Stetson – Mario Focardi

Oregon in 1885, an expedition led by archaeologist Rick Morrison of Boston, which includes adventurers, gunfighters and the cousin of Morrison who is prone to nervous breakdowns, They are stuck in the snow due of a storm and struggle with a disturbing presence of the legendary Windigo.
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