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Quella sporca storia nel West – Italian title
Uccidere o non uccidere? – Italian title
Deus Criou o Homem E o Homem Criou o Colt – Brazilian title
Django porte sa croix – French title
Django - die Totengräber warten schon – German title
O stavromenos tou Rio Grande – Greek title
To moutro tou Notou – Greek title
Johnny Hamlet – Portuguese title
Johnny el vengador – Spanish title
La venganza de Johnny Hamlet – Spanish title
Det kom en farlig hämnare – Swedish title
To Kill or Not to Kill? – English title
The Dirty Story of the West – English title
The Wild and the Dirty – U.S.A. title
A 1967 Italian production [Daiano Films, Leone Films (Rome)]
Producers: Ugo Guerra, Elio Scardamaglia
Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Story: Sergio Corbucci based on “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Francesco Scardamaglia, Enzo Girolami, Bruno Corbucci
Cinematography: Angelo Filippini [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Find a Man” sung by Maurizio Graf (Maurizio Attanasio)
Running time: 92 minutes
Johnny Hamilton – Chip Corman (Andrea Giordana)
Emily/Evelyn/Ofelia/Betty – Gabriella Grimaldi (Gabriella Boccardo)
Ross – Enio Girolami
Gil/Guild – Pedro Sanchez
Eugenia – Stefania Careddu (Stefania di Sambrese)
Polomo – Giorgio Sanmartin
Horace/Dazio – Gilbert Roland
Claude/Claudio Hamilton – Horst Frank
Gertrude ‘The Queen’ – Françoise Prévost
Santana – Manuel Serrano
Undertaker – Franco Latino
With: John Bartha, Franco Leo, Fabio Patella, Ugo Adinolfi, Claudio Trionfi
Johnny Hamilton, comes home from the Civil war, where he learns that his father was killed by the bandit Santana and his mother has married the ambiguous father's brother, Uncle Claude, who would in turn kill the bandit in a duel. But the continued presence of gunmen and impediments that lies in trying to find explanations puts him in a suspicious mood. Aided by his friend Horace, he manages to avoid ambushes by those who have an interest in not letting him find out the truth. In the tomb of Santana he finds clues evident that the bandit is still alive. He discovers also the refuge of Santana and there finds his uncle which in effect is the instigator of the murder of his brother. Johnny manages to put in conflict the uncle and the bandit telling Santana the existence of $300,000 which has disappeared. However Johnny is held captive, tied to a cross, while Santana storms the home of Claude. Johnny's mother, who now understands and asks Claude for an explanation but is mortally wounded; However, she finds the strength to drag herself to the place where Johnny is held and with the help of Horace, frees him, and then dies. The two friends roam the country and kill his uncle Claudius and his henchmen.

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