Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday Toke Lars Bjarke

Toke Lars Bjarke was born on December 27, 1999 in Denmark. Toke, has since he was 3, been used to being in front of the camera in commercials and movies, both Danish and international. In 2007, he participated in DM in Børnerap, with the song "A Smile on His Lips." Since then he’s become a rap singer and written several rap songs. He has the role of Morten in Susanne Bier's “In a Better World”, which received both a Golden Globe and Oscar for best foreign film in 2010.
Toke played the role of Kresten Jensen in 2013’s “The Salvation” starring Mads Mikkelsen.
Today we celebrate Toke Lars Bjarke’s 15th birthday.

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