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Weisse Wolfe – German title
Bijeli Vukovi – Yugoslavian title
Un uomo chiamato volpe Bianca – Italian title
Lupii Albi – Romanian title
White Wolves – English title
A 1969 East German, Yugoslavian co-production [DEFA (Berlin), Bosna Film (Sarajevo)]
Producers: Dorothea Hidebrandt, Iso Tauber
Directors: Konrad Petzold, Bosko Boskovic
Story: Gunter Karl
Screenplay: Gunter Karl
Dialogue: Hans-Joachim Wallstein [German], Josip Lesic [Yugoslavian]
Cinematography: eberhard Borkmann [Orwocolor, Totalvision]
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Running time: 101 minutes
Weitspahender Falke/Farseeing Falcon – Gojko Mitic
Collins P. Harrington – Horst Schulze
Catherine Emerson – Barbara Brylska
Pat Patterson – Holger Mahlich
Listiger Fuchs/Cunning Fox – Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Starke Linskhand – Slobodan Volimirovic
Samuel ‘Sam’ D. Blake – Helmut Schreiber
Peter Hille – Fred Delmare (Werner Vorndron)
John Emerson – Fred Ludwig (Alfred Hoffmann)
James Bashan – Rolf Hoppe
Andy Sleek – Karl Zugowski
David – Predrag Milinkovic
Jim – Milan Jablonsky
Little Wolf – Mavid Popovic (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid)
Joshua McGrave – Gerry Wolff (Gerald Wolff)
Bill Meyers – Paul Berndt
Captain Wessels – Horst Preusker
Roy – Bruno Carstens
Bryde – Hannes Fischer
Blauhaar/Bluehair – Lali Meskhi
Blunt Knife – Jochen Thomas
Young Dakota – Dorde Popovic (Djordje Popovic)
Under chief – Milane Allac
Indians – Bogic Boskovic, Vlajko Sparavalo
With: Michael Gwisdek, Klaus-Peter Thiele, Nico Turoff, Horst Giese, Waltraut Kramm (Waltraud Kramm)
In 1879, many Indians, exasperated by the humiliation and abuse to which they are subjected, fleed from their reservations in which they were confined. Tra questi è Volpe Bianca, capo del Dakota, seguito dalla moglie e da alcuni membri della sua tribù. Among them was White Fox, chief of the Dakotas, followed by his wife and several members of his tribe. Poco tempo dopo, una diligenza adibita al trasporto delle paghe per gli operai di una miniera, viene assalita e depredata. A short time later, a stagecoach transporting a payroll for the workers of a mine, was attacked and robbed. Dalla situazione approfittano alcuni individui senza scrupoli per attribuire la rapina a Volpe Bianca. Taking advantage of the situation some unscrupulous individuals try to attribute the robbery to White Fox. Lo sceriffo Pat Petterson, individuati i veri colpevoli in due avventurieri, si schiera decisamente in difesa del capo indiano. Sheriff Pat Petterson and two adventurers, identifies the real culprits and sides decisively in defense of the Indian chief. Benché i due avventurieri, si schiera decisamente in difesa del capo indiano.Benché i due avventurieri riescono in un primo tempo a scatenare l'odio popolare contro Volpe Bianca e Pat, quest'ultimo riesce infine a smascherare i colpevoli.Although the two adventurers are first believe the thieves were the Indians they later are able able to unmask the real culprits.


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