Thursday, December 11, 2014

Remembering Federico G. Larraya

Federico Gutiérrez-Larraya Planas was born on December 11, 1919 in Madrid, Madrid, Spain. His father, Tomas Gutierrez Larraya (as the name Gutiérrez-Larraya was created by the same Tomas, when he would grant the title of Grandee of Spain and Count of Larraya ) was a painter and writer, and wrote several manuals on painting, He also directed some national magazines. Federico and his brother Aurelio [1921-1989], both worked within the world of media. Together with his brother, Aurelio, who became one of the most important cinematographers of Spanish cinema, starred in films like “Don Erre” by Erre José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, and “Cabin”, by Antonio Mercero. He also participated in important TVE television programs like ‘Historias para no dormir’. In 1996, he was awarded an Honorary Goya Award for his career achievements. He was director of photography on the famous movie La Cabina.
Larraya was an assistant cameraman on “Fistful of Dollars” (1964), cinematographer on “$100,000 for Ringo” (1965) with Richard Harrison and “A Place Called Glory (1965) with Lex Barker and Pierre Brice.
Today we celebrate Federico G. Larraya’s 95th birthday.

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  1. apart from being a very good and important professional as mentioned, I do jighloght the great peron he was, also as the great fatherwho inspired me in all my life. In loving memory dad. Beatriz